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Project Description
I was using SharePoint 2007 Survey's configured to allow Anonymous access, which disables the ability for Alerts.

You have a few choices:
1. Workflow
2. Custom Code
3. Custom Inline page

This is how I achieved # 3 - using a Custom Inline code - Application Page.

This solution expects a List at the current site of the Anonymous Survey named: AnonymousSurveyMailer with the following columns:
1. Title (default - no changes)
2. Survey - (I used a Choice and entered the name of each of my Anonymous Surveys)
3. EmailTo - Text - (if going to end user, then it will get email address from the Survey)
4. EmailFrom - Text (Required)
5. Subject - Text
6. Body - Multi-Line Text

Some tags I'm using for subject and/or body:
{ID} = Record ID
{FirstName} = First Name
{LastName} = Last Name
{AutoBody} = Adds all survey question and answers into email

Possible Enhancements / To do List:
1. Clean up Evaluation field - add line breaks.
2. Clean up AutoBody a little more - (page break on \r\n in Multi-Lines).
3. Clean up Lookup field - remove Id and #;

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